Who is RadHaus?

Rebekkah Hilgraves, Founder and Chief Broadcast Engineer

Rebekkah Hilgraves

Rebekkah has been a broadcaster since, well, forever (nearly 30 years), back when radio stations were excited to get their signal over a couple of counties.With a strong technology and marketing background in addition to all the broadcasting, and specializing in voice-over and classical and jazz recordings, she has a particular passion for making acoustic ensembles sound both intimate and excellent.

Luis Flores (aka LFF), Mastering and Audiophile Engineer


First and foremost, Luis is a music lover and it’s this love that has driven him to learn all sorts of recording, mastering, and sound restoration techniques.

For over 15 years, Luis has been providing natural sounding, audiophile quality remasters to many demanding audiophiles spanning the entire globe. His knowledge of sound restoration has been called into service by movie studios who seek to bring old, weak, or poor quality audio back to life. His recording experience lies in the specialization of minimalist miking techniques (no overdubs) for capturing jazz, classical and other music. This leads to recordings which are musically balanced, exciting, and intimate while retaining dynamics, depth and space.

In collaboration with Donald Basel, MD, Luis has created a unique binaural recording system that provides a hyper-realistic listening experience. This system is completely unique to RadHaus and is a specialty service we will gladly offer to all artists who are interested in a unique, one-of-kind presentation of their work.


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