Please note that all rates listed are approximate. Final rates are determined by project requirements.

You can come to RadHaus Studios, or RadHaus can come to you; this is what we’re about! We particularly enjoy recording ensembles in their favorite locations (for example, a choir or orchestra in their home hall, musical/stage productions, a band at a club, church choirs and/or orchestras for holiday events, unusual or remote locations, and so on). Our rates for “road” work include our time to design, set up, and record the session; using our gear in your setting gives us maximum control and flexibility to give your recording the best possible result.

Q: What are your rates?
A: The answer is always “it depends…”

  • Audio hourly rate: $60-120/hour/engineer, depending on your engineering requirements, three hour minimum
  • Day rate, audio only: $700+, depending on your engineering requirements
  • Day rate, audio plus video (up to eight cameras, full sound and camera crew): $5,000+, depending on requirements
  • Day rate, video only (up to eight cameras, full camera crew): $2,500+, depending on requirements
  • Half-day, video only (up to eight cameras, full camera crew): $1,200+, depending on requirements

Please note: the above sample rates do not include additional fees such as studio time, production and project management, editing, mixing, mastering, extended travel, fuel, parking or city fees for bringing the mobile studio to your location. Such arrangements will need to be made in advance of your event. We offer discounts to 501(c)3 organizations. Ask for details.

Audio Mixing Engineer

Mixing rates vary depending on the length and complexity of your song, the number of tracks/instruments, and so on. Basic rates for a standard length track (up to 5 minutes):

  • $700-1,000/track
  • Rush: add $250/track
  • Same day/24 hour: add $500/track

Mastering Engineer

  • $200/track
  • Rush: add $75/track
  • Same day/24 hour: add $100/track

Session Musicians

If you’re looking to record tracks and need some additional session musicians, RadHaus is happy to help set that up! With access to a stable of outstanding musicians at reasonable rates, we can provide a basic session group (keyboard, drums, guitar and bass), electronic musicians, strings and other orchestra instruments and more.

  • $600/day for rehearsal per musician, maximum six hours
  • $1000/day for recording per musician, maximum ten hours

The above is example pricing only. Rates will vary depending on instrumentation, writing/arranging requirements, and other considerations.

Media Production

With years of experience developing training and marketing content, the team at RadHaus can help you develop multimedia content for a number of different applications and environments.

  • Training/tutorial video: all prices are per 5 minutes of finished video, minimum price per production
  • Script: $500 and up
  • Storyboard: $300 and up
  • Screen captures: $500 and up
  • Voicing: $500 and up
  • Post-production and final packaging: please contact for pricing
  • Custom bed music, logo, motion graphics, additional still graphics: please contact for pricing

Contact us for details and to set up an initial session.