The Studio

The Crew

The RadHaus.Studio squad is a very talented all-female team of audio and video recording, mixing and mastering engineers, and highly experienced and capable videographers and camera operators. It’s an exciting group, offering commercial and audiophile recording, live broadcasts, music video creation, educational, and corporate projects.

Rebekkah Hilgraves, Owner/Director/Producer

Rebekkah “Vox” Hilgraves has a degree and thirty years of study as a classical singer, with side trips into jazz, rock, and blues. She has been a broadcaster and broadcast engineer for over 35 years, starting back when radio stations were excited to get their signal over a couple of counties. With a strong technology and marketing background in addition to all the broadcasting, and specializing in voice-over and classical and jazz recordings, she has a particular passion for making artists look and sound both intimate and excellent. She is a voting member in the Recording and Production wing of NARAS, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the GRAMMY© organization).

Claire Hoke,
Chief Audio Engineer

Claire “Rocks” Hoke is a lifetime North Carolina resident and lover of the music that hails from and through the old north state. Before graduating with a degree in music technology from UNC Asheville she began managing the university’s recording studio and working as a front of house engineer at White Horse Black Mountain in 2018. These days she wears several audio/music related hats around the WNC area and does so with a deep desire to build upon the roots of the musical community and uphold the magic of the music.

Jessica Wharton,
Director of Photography

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Jessica “Locks” Wharton received her BFA in Media Studies Still-Base from Columbus College of Art & Design. She’s studied and work with successful photographers like, StudiOhio, Scott Cunningham Photography and companies, such as, Nike, HardRock Casino, The Bruce Lee Foundation, comedic Michael Yo! and much more.

Kristin Shelly, Artistic Director

Kristin Shelly is a local Asheville photographer specializing in portraits, weddings, photoshoot tours, and street photography. She also paints, works in mixed media, and clay. Her art is currently on display at The Marquee in the River Arts District. She has been in Asheville 13 years and has scouted all the best locations, knows the lay of the land, and has made some great connections in the local art scene. In 2018 she founded Asheville Explore Tours, Asheville’s first private photoshoot tour and transportation company. She lives with her best friend Sierra, her 13 year old dog and is renewed by the nature, cooking, family & friends. Her favorite hobby is wondering around with her camera looking for beauty. To view some of her work please visit

Jessica Fox,
FoH Engineer

Jess “Fox” Fox is a lover of music, its everchanging forms, and the incredible effects it can have on human beings. If you were to fill a backyard swimming pool with all of the concert ticket stubs she’s acquired throughout her life, it would be safe to dive into head first. She has a BA in Music from University of North Carolina at Asheville, where she also minored in Neuroscience. Jess started with Radhaus Studio and White Horse Black Mountain in June, 2020, and has since engineered live sound for countless shows.

Maddie Pesce, Camera Operator, Lighting Design

Maddie “Mox” Pesce finds community and connectivity through videography and other media arts. With an educational background in New Media and Spanish at the UNC Asheville and a Master’s in Web Design from the University of Florida, she first fell in love with media arts through photography in a high school journalism class, and has since employed her passions in freelance and community work for nearly ten years. She joined RadHaus in 2021, and enjoys working with women who share her passion for high quality media.

Tracey Jester, Community Ambassador

Tracey started her production career in San Diego, CA as a Production Manager and Line Producer for C3 Communications as a Production Manager and Prin Pictures, a film production company. She has been an audio visual technician and audio engineer for large concerts, theatre productions, and other large events. Her desire to be in the mountains brought her to WNC where she finally found her home. She now works with RadHaus Studios as the Community Ambassador; she also works in a sound therapy coaching business, and is also creating her own diary of EDM where her music is being on stations in the USA & UK.

Laura Deaver, Second Live Sound Engineer

Laura “Phlox” Deaver is a native of western North Carolina. She recently graduated from UNC Asheville, majoring in Music Technology. Before joining RadHaus in the summer of 2021, she was videoing church services for Mars Hill Baptist Church, and is now helping to expand the services into streaming online. After college, she plans to continue in live audio production and branch out into electronic music composition. Outside of RadHaus, Laura is a musician and visual artist, always in search of a challenge to improve her skills. She uses anything learned in both personal projects and schoolwork to bring insight to her work at RadHaus. Some fun facts about Laura: she took dance lessons for 15 years and still enjoys choreography, and if she had not pursued music in college, she would have studied biology!

Leah Flood, Second Live Sound Engineer

Leah “Aux” Flood is a soon-to-be graduate of UNC Asheville, majoring in Music Technology and Asian Studies. She is passionate about music, and finds particular satisfaction working in live sound as well as mixing and mastering studio audio. Originally from Washington D.C., she has made North Carolina her home for the past sixteen years. She began as an intern for RadHaus, and rocked it so hard she was brought on as a full crew member in the fall of 2021.

The Gear

RadHaus uses Yamaha TF series digital mixers and stage boxes across a digital audio network, which allow us to create clean multi-track recordings over long distances, and send a great broadcast of your performance or event to video and audio feeds. And for audiophiles, we offer custom binaural recording and mastering, designed by our own LFF and unique to RadHaus.

Our mic locker includes outstanding vocal tube microphones from Peluso Microphone Lab, boutique large diaphragm condensers from Roswell Pro Audio, and an array of shotguns, pencil mics, headset, and dynamic mics from MiktekSennheiserDPAElectro-Voice, and Shure, as well as our own custom binaural head and custom large diaphragm condensers.

One of our BlackMagic cameras, ceiling mounted and remote-controlled, so we can set it in the middle of the audience without being in anyone’s way!

Our cameras are from Canon and Blackmagic Design, and are all 4K capable or better. We use Panasonic Lumix and Canon lenses.

We have even gone above and beyond with our mic stands — we use Triad Orbit stands that, while more expensive than standard stands, suit the needs of the studio and our artists amazingly well. They’re heavier and sturdier, and with quick-release heads and advanced flexibility, making stage setup faster and more reliable.

The Mobile Studio

Whatever RadHaus can do at a studio or venue, we can do pretty much anywhere — all of our gear is portable, and as long as we have access to sufficient electrical power, we can bring multiple cameras and recording devices for all kinds of productions, from live concerts to session recording to music videos, corporate events and beyond. We can broadcast live streams from any location with sufficient broadband internet.

The same gear we use in the studio goes on the road with us: cameras from Canon and BlackMagic Design, an array of studio and stage microphones, and Yamaha TF-series mixers with Yamaha Tio stage boxes.

We also offer live sound for outdoor events, with multiple high-powered speakers and stage monitors, microphones, and more.