Musical Artist Services

Full Scale Recording and Production for:

  • Rock/Country/Americana
  • Acoustic folk
  • Classical ensembles
  • Jazz ensembles
  • World music
  • Electronic and experimental music
  • YOU!

What we do for you ~

We provide full-scale media recording and post-production services.

We can help you with:

  • ​Arranging
  • Tracking
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

​All studios claim to use “state of the art” gear — and the state of the art includes both current art and all that has gone before. Though we count on state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the best possible results, what sets us apart is our innovative thinking, our custom, one-of-kind gear, our audiophile approach to recording and mastering, and our constant drive to challenge the status quo through unique collaborations with all types of artists.

We bring life to your artistic vision and endeavor. Contact us if you are interested in recording, restoration, or mastering with us or getting a free evaluation of your mix.

Are you ready to record an album? You’ll need the right people, with the right gear, and the right background. As performers ourselves, we know the value of an artistic vision. You can trust our years of experience to help you!

​Album Promotion and Marketing

Once we’ve completed the music production, then it’s time to market and promote it!

​We can record your music video, too! We’ll work with you to design, shoot, and produce your video for YouTube and other online platforms. And if you’re ready to hit the road, bring us with you! We’ll record both audio and video of your live shows — and if there’s a good internet connection, we’ll even stream it for you!

​Get Started

Once you’re ready, contact us to schedule a consult, take a tour and meet our team. Let’s see if we’re a mutual fit.

It’s always a treat to work with folks who are both top-notch professionals and friendly and fun to work with. Rebekkah and her crew are consistently both. They create a space where an artist can be free to concentrate completely on the art, knowing the technical aspects are taken care of.

David LaMotte