A few weeks ago (as of this writing) on Facebook, we posted a funny meme from XKCD about buying commemorative plaques that can say anything you want.

This was pretty amazing timing, as we had just ordered new metal signs.

And the reason we ordered new metal signs is because…

The sign installed on the wall of the new RadHaus Studios facility on the Highland Brewing campus.

it’s official! We will soon be opening a 4,600 square foot recording and rehearsal facility in Asheville. It’s on the Highland Brewing campus, which is a surprisingly great location for a studio! Highland has done an amazing job making their facility a true destination. Of course there’s beer (duh), but there’s also live music indoors and out, event spaces, volleyball courts, disk golf, and walking trails. This means that musicians who come through Highland can have a place to rehearse and record, and musicians who come to RadHaus to rehearse and record can walk over to Highland to relax after a session.

The enthusiastic response on Facebook has been incredibly gratifying and welcome.

We really feel as though this facility will be an awesome resource for local and regional (and dare we say national and international) artists. We’ll be showing more details soon, but it will have

  • Two rehearsal rooms, each about 15’x15′
  • A large “live” recording room, 18’x30′ with a truly magnificent Yamaha 7′ grand piano a lovingly Fender Rhodes, and more
  • A smaller, more intimate recording room, 18’x15′
  • A suite of three (eventually four) isolation rooms
  • A photo/video studio with a 23’x9′ green screen wall and a variety of backdrops
  • A broadcast booth for streaming and controlling multiple cameras
  • Kitchen and break room
  • Loading ramp

Each recording room has its own control room, and the one for the isolation suite will also double as a mixing studio.

It’s a big project, and it won’t all be ready immediately, but we’re working to make the rehearsal rooms available as soon as we can, because we know that there aren’t enough rehearsal spaces in town. It’s likely that we’ll also make the studio spaces available for rehearsals as well when we’re not actively tracking.

So much good stuff coming, and it wouldn’t happen without your enthusiasm and artistry, and without our AMAZING staff of fabulous women.

So… welcome to RadHaus Studios, your new destination studio in Asheville, North Carolina!

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