This past weekend, RadHaus.Studio was a co-sponsor of the Women to the Front (WTF) Music Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. Our audio engineers ran sound for the main stage, and we had a vendor spot as well, where we got to show off our beautiful new rolling studio!

Panoramic view of the interior of the new RadHaus van, our rolling multimedia studio.
Panoramic view of the interior of the new RadHaus van, our rolling multimedia studio.

This event focused on the work of women across disciplines: art, music, crafts, technology, personal care, and more. Our awesome crew were there, working sound at the main stage and capturing video of the festival. We are honored and proud to have been part of this terrific inaugural event.

One theme I heard across the event from nearly everyone with whom I spoke was that the women there are working on doing what they do differently. By this, I interpret them to mean that they’re focused on connection and community rather than making piles of money — while none of us would turn down the chance to make a good living at what we do, it’s not the sole focus.

RadHaus crew Claire Hoke, Jess Fox, and Leah Flood managed sound at the main stage of New Belgium Brewery for the 2022 Women to the Front (WTF) Music Festival. Images © 2022 by Heather Burditt Photography.

RadHaus has a similar calling, and our team is a magnificent example of what happens when we take this approach: we work well together, we like each other, and the people who work with us feel well cared for. We serve the art, and that means helping the artist create the environment they feel is best suited to what they’re doing. We don’t fight artists over silly things like whether a kick drum should be louder in a floor wedge — quite the opposite! If a drummer wants more kick because they feel they’ll play better that way, who are we to contest that?

We’re here to lift each other up, and it shows in our work. We were incredibly proud to demonstrate it this weekend.


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