Wow. WOW. What a great weekend I had at the 2018 Electro-Music Asheville. 14 hours of live music over two days from some of the world’s finest creators of electronic music, the sounds ran the gamut from organic to digital and back again, and were in the hands of true masters. It was inspiring.

We got to not only listen, but also broadcast on RadioSpiral, and recorded the event with an eye toward releasing the entire epic festival.

And THEN! Because I happened to be staying an extra night in Asheville, I also got to broadcast and record Kevin Spears aka “KalimbaMan” and Roy Wooten aka “FutureMan”.

The FoH and monitors were very ably run by Dylan McGonigle, who was a pro in every sense. We made a pretty good production team, and look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

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