Authoritative Binaural Recordings

image of binaural head
Our custom binaural head model, designed by our audiophile engineer, LFF, in collaboration with Donald Basel, MD, is named for its builders: “Donny Lou”.

At Radhaus, we seek to set the bar high, both for us as engineers and artists and for the people we work for. We DO NOT own an autotune machine. 😉

What is binaural?

Sure, any studio can go out and buy a binaural dummy head ($8,000 for the standard version, and $30,000+ for the better ones) and record something. However, what sets our binaural system apart is the unique algorithm employed by our engineers which no other dummy head on the planet employs. This allows us to capture a hyper-realistic sound that places you right in the spot where it was recorded. Moreover, the very nature of binaural recording means that you get a natural setting upon playback–our binaural system completely embraces the way the world sounds naturally–and does not rely on huge amounts of compression, auto-tune or artificial reverb to create a great recording. Not only does binaural provide an amazing end result, it also eliminates the need to set up many microphones and associated gear–making binaural fast and tidy, very efficient, and budget-friendly.

One of the markets we are seeking to develop and support is the audiophile binaural recording market.

Binaural is nothing new and has been around for decades. However, very few recordings exist that have been recorded in true binaural sound and even fewer that have been recorded in high-resolution. These recordings are often hard to come by and prized by audiophiles. With headphones becoming more and more widely used, we are seeking to provide all audiophiles with great recordings of great music…in addition to providing headphone fans the opportunity to hear things as they sounded when the artists recorded them. All of our binaural recordings are recorded at 24-bit/96kHz sampling rate making for a true audiophile worthy presentation.

We seek to offer our binaural recording capability to all artists, from students doing recitals to top-name bands. High Resolution Authoritative Binaural Recordings is our norm and specialty. Give it a try…

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