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image of binaural head
Our custom binaural head model, designed by our audiophile engineer, LFF, in collaboration with Donald Basel, MD, is named for its builders: “Donny Lou”.

Among the unique offerings here at the RadHaus is the ability to create binaural recordings. We have a custom binaural recording head, designed and built by our own LFF in collaboration with Donald Basel, MD. It’s fondly nicknamed “Donny Lou” for its creators.

Using Donny Lou to record sounds results in a visceral, ringside experience when you’re listening in headphones. It sounds great in speakers, too, but when you use good headphones, binaural recording replicates the 3D sound experience: up, down, left and right, you feel as though you’re sitting in the thick of it.

To demonstrate how amazing it can be, we’re going to be sampling various sounds in and around the RadHaus, as well as giving you short music samples recorded using the binaural technique.

Today we took some samples from the upper deck, outside the studio. You’ll hear a neighbor’s parakeet, police helicopters, and the heartbeat of downtown Los Angeles, all sustained by the drone of a nearby industrial air conditioning unit.

Use headphones for the best experience–good ones if you can get them!

And here’s one where Donny Lou was sitting right in front of the band. We recorded the sounds of the band tuning up just before starting their set. Again, listen in headphones; it sounds as though you’re sitting right in the studio.

YØLK! — you can see “Donny Lou”, our binaural head, sitting in front of Asia, YØLK’s lead singer.

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