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RadHaus Studios is a unique, Asheville based, audio and video recording studio and broadcast facility with a full studio complex and a fully featured mobile unit. We use a blend of factory and custom components developed specifically to bring out the best features of your music. It’s your recording studio on wheels and on the ground!

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RadHaus Rehearsal Rooms

We opened the rehearsal rooms at RadHaus Studios a couple of weeks ago. Folks that have seen them uniformly comment on how cool the spaces look and feel. That’s exactly what we hoped! We’re working to make this studio complex not just functional, but also inspiring. Bold colors, amazing art from local painters and photographers, and unique concepts. And of course, each room has its own acoustical character. Inspiring spaces! We invite you to come have a look, and book space to rehearse!


David LaMotte plays “Shadows” from a live performance at White Horse Black Mountain.

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